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Cathodic Protection for Pipes      



Vapor Recovery Unit Principles

BP Permit Works

Two Phase Liquid with Dispersion  
Tank Construction Sequence  
Absorption & Adsorption 
Cathodic Protection , Galvanic ,Sacrificial Anodes movie
Hot Tapping & Pipeline Pigging 
a Typical Pipeline Construction 
Hot Tapping
Pipeline Cleaning

Lecture 1 - Hydrostatic Pressure

Fluid Flow Video Lectures


Lecture 2 - Hydrostatic Pressure


Lecture 3 - Turbulent Flow


Lecture 4 - Flow rate measurement


Lecture 5 - Incompressible flow rate Measurement


Lecture 6 - Continuity and Bernoulli Equation

Artificial Lift Part.1     
Artificial Lift Part.2    
Plunger Lift System    

What is Gage, Vacuum and Absolute Pressure


Oil Tank Cleaning, Sludge Removal and Oil Spill Clean Up Technology


Heavy Crude Oil


What happens when crude oil spills into the sea


Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth


What is Crude Oil?


Why Is Crude Oil’s Price So Volatile




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