each petroleum and natural gas engineer can make use of our library which contain more than 2000 FREE books and more than 650 FREE movies, petroleum books, drilling, natural gas books and others that are related to oil industry and natural gas industry, classified to 12 sections and 27 sub-sections in order to ease your search for the required book, all the links are working, because we have uploaded them to MediaFire and other DIRECT FAST LINK, and we monitor all links periodically.

see our books directory here:

Petroleum Book

Arabic Petroleum Books 1

Arabic Petroleum Books 2

Artificial Lift Books

Drilling Fluids

Drilling Software

Enhanced Oil Recovery

French Petroleum Books

Geology Books

Geophysics Books

Offshore Books

Oil Well Logging

Oilfields Chemicals

Oilwell Drilling Books Page.1

OilWell Drilling Books page.2

OilWell Drilling Books page.3

OilWell Drilling Books Page.4

OilWell Drilling Books Page.5

Petrel Reservoir Software FREE Books

Petrochemicals Books

Petroleum Books Page 1

Petroleum Books Page 2

Petroleum Books Page 3

Petroleum Books Page 4

Petroleum Reservoirs Books 1

Petroleum Reservoirs Books 2

Petroleum Treatment Equipment Books

Petrophysics Seismic Books

Produced Water Treatment

Refinery and Distillation Books

Spanish Petroleum Books

Equipment Books

a collection of books about the Equipment used in oil and natural gas industry.

Boiler Books

Compressor Books

Control Valves Books

Gas Turbine Books

Heat Exchanger Books

Piping Pipelines Books

Pumps Books

Safety Valve Books

Storage Tanks Books

Valves Books


Miscellaneous Books:


Corrosion Cathodic Protection Books

Engineering Books

Engineering Software Books

Gas Dehydration Books


Mechanical Engineering Books

Natural Gas Books

Natural Gas Books page.2

Safety, OSHA and HSE Books


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