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Valuable Software needed by petroleum engineer

 ESB Unit Conversion

very useful software that helps you convert from different types of units such as: Mass - Energy - Pressure - Flowrate - Temperature - Speed - Length - Area - Volume.. etc.
every petroleum engineer needs this software, you can download it from 4Shared of MediaFire, by clicking on one of these two Icons:


Uconeer Unit Conversion 

  a useful software with many useful options such as conversion from Volumetric Flowrate to Mass Flowrate for gas and liquid, and the R value in different units, and viscosity conversion (Dynamic or Kinamatic)

you can download it from 4Shared of MediaFire, by clicking on one of these two Icons:


123Conversion Software 

 a conversion software from PipeFlow Company, you can get it from 4Shared or MediaFire:


  Degassing Station Simulation

7 MB



  مجموعة كتب عن برنامج ECLIPSE

       Eclipse Software Books

ECLIPSE Black Oil Course Material

67.5 MB


Eclipse Advanced Field Management Facilities Course RAR

77.4 MB


Eclipse Simulator Detailed Technical Course ZIP

71.6 MB


  مجموعة كتب عن برنامج PetroMod و Techlog

    PetroMod & Techlog Software Books

Schlumberger PetroMod Manual RAR

56.8 MB


What is Techlog?

2.1 MB


مجموعة كتب عن برنامج OFM

   Oil Field Manager "OFM" Software Books

    OFM 2007 Manual

7,3 MB

OFM Learning Material

15.2 MB


 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج Hysys    Hysys Books

Hysys Version 8 Manual - Ahmed Deyab Fares

13 MB


Hysys Arabic Book

10 MB


 كتاب عربي رائع عن برنامج الهايسز للمهندس أحمد مختار يتألف من 207 صفحات ومعزز بالأمثلة والصور التوضيحية

  Hysys Full Training

5 MB


Hysys Get Started

1,207 KB

Hysys Simulation Software Books  

للذهاب الى الأفلام التعليمية الخاصة ببرنامج Hysys أنقر هنا

visit Hysys movies section by clicking HERE


Hysys User Guide

4,222 KB

Customization Guide

2,924 KB

Dynamic Modeling

1,517 KB

Reference Guide Electrolytes OLI

6,927 KB

Hysys Tutorials & Applications

5,680 KB

Process Modeling Using Hysys With Chemical Industry

1,516 KB

Hysys Simulation Basis

4,099 KB

Hysys Operation Guide

6,681 KB

Aspen Hysys Applications & Tutorials

4,394 KB

Aspen Hysys User Guide

3,045 KB

  Introduction to Chemical Engineering Simulation

5,641 KB

شرح عربي لبرنامج الهايسز 

2 MB

Process Simulation using Hysys v8

11.4 MB



 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج GoCad GoCad Books
GoCad Components 

727 KB

مجموعة كتب عن برنامج GoCad
Books about GoCad Software

GoCad Modelling 

2,238 KB

Introduction to 3D Geo Modelling with GoCad

3,757 KB

Introduction to GoCad 

3,903 KB

Opening GOCAD Environmental & Mining Geostatics

5 MB

GOCAD Suite 2.5 User Guide 

727 KB

 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج ChemCad  ChemCad Books
ChemCad Books of Examples 641 KB ChemCad Books
مجموعة كتب عن برنامج ChemCad
ChemCad Piping Tutorial 2,133 KB
ChemCad User Guide 3,930 KB

  مجموعة كتب عن السكادا  SCADA

 SCADA Books

Process Control, Network Systems & SCADA

5.1 MB


كتاب عربي عن SCADA

699 KB


SCADA Part.1

355 KB  

SCADA Part.2

880 KB  

SCADA Part.3

909 KB  

SCADA Part.4

2.7 MB  

SCADA Part.5

3 MB  

  SCADA Part.6

2 MB  

  SCADA Part.7

3.4 MB  

SCADA Part.8

2 MB  

SCADA Part.9

5.4 MB  
Practical Scada for Industry 2.2 MB  
Scada Guide & Industrial Control Systems Security 6.2 MB  

  مجموعة كتب عن برنامج PipeSim

 PipeSim Books

PipeSim V2007 Manual 41.2 MB مجموعة كتب عن برنامج

    PipeSim 2006 Fundamentals

4.3 MB

     PipeSim User Guide

3.4 MB

 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج Phast

 Phast Software Books

Toxic Release Dispersion Modeling with Phast

131 KB  

Exposure to Risk for On-Shore Assets (EML)

1 MB

Process Heating Assessment & Survey Tool Phast

5 MB
 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج MBAL

 MBAL Software Books

MBAL Complete Manual 8 MB  
 MBAL Balancing Extension Module for the Dynamix 2500 2 MB  
 مجموعة كتب عن برنامج MATLAB

 MATLAB Software Books

An Introduction to MATLAB for Geoscientists 11 MB  

Click Here

An Introduction to Reservoir Simulation Using MATLAB 18 MB
Analysis About Losses of Centrifugal Pump by MATLAB 458 KB
Computational Statistics With MATLAB 5 MB
get start with MATLAB 2 MB
Introduction to Numerical Methods and MATLAB 1 MB
Introduction to the Numerics of Flow in Porous Media 3 MB  
introduction to MATLAB 319 KB  
Learn MATLAB 5 MB  
MATLAB Arabic كتاب عربي عن الماتلاب 2 MB  

MATLAB Tutorial 1

130 KB  

MATLAB Tutorial 2

2 MB  
Modeling and Optimization of Oil and Gas Production 1 MB  
Physical Modeling in MATLAB 807 KB  

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