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in this page, our website will publish the NEW jobs in oilfield, oil well drilling jobs, natural gas jobs, LNG and LPG jobs:

Oil and Gas Jobs in United States

Oil and Gas Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Oil and Gas Jobs in Iraq  

Oil and Gas Jobs in UAE

Oil and Gas obs in Egypt    

Oil and Gas obs in Qatar    Very SOON

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10 comments on “Oilfield Jobs

  1. Egypt engineer

    will you put oilfield jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

  2. yes dear, very soon we will publish oilfield jobs in different countries such as : UAE , UK, Egypt, Qatar ,Iraq and many others.

  3. Petroleum Engineer

    any oilfield jobs in Egypt?

  4. yes dear, we will publish oilfield jobs in Egypt very soon.

  5. Siddhesh kumbhar

    Please give me a job at qatar, dubai

  6. dear sir, we will publish a full page about oilfield jobs in Qatar very soon.

  7. Engr, Siraj Rahmdil

    Good Day, Sir
    any Fresh drilling engineer or Geology job in UAE

  8. dear sir, check our oilfield jobs , you may find one.

  9. Mena

    what about Kuwait ?!

  10. our job resource is not providing oilfield jobs in Kuwait, we are so sorry.

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