Water-Base Muds

    Drilling Muds A water-base drilling fluid is one that has water as its continuous or liquid phase. The types of drilling fluids are briefly described in the following sections. Freshwater muds are generally lightly treated or untreated muds having a liquid phase of water, containing small concentrations of salt, and having a pH […]


Oil Well Casing

    Types of Casing  Based on the primary function of the casing string, there are five types of casing to be distinguished. Stove or Surface Casing The stovepipe is usually driven to sufficient depth (15–60 ft) to protect loose surface formation and to enable circulation of the drilling fluid. This pipe is sometimes cemented […]


Drilling Fluid Additives

      Each drilling fluid vendor provides a wide array of basic and specialty chemicals to meet the needs of the drilling industry. The general classification of drilling fluid additives below is based on the definitions of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC): Alkalinity or pH control additives are products designed to control […]


Fishing Equipment

Fishing Operations and Equipment A fish is a part of the drill string that separates from the upper remaining portion of the drill string while the drill string is in the well. This can result from the drill string failing mechanically, or from the lower portion of the drill string becoming stuck or otherwise becoming […]

Well Control

Basically, all formations penetrated during drilling are porous and permeable to some degree. Fluids contained in pore spaces are under pressure that is overbalanced by the drilling fluid pressure in the well bore. The borehole pressure is equal to the hydrostatic pressure plus the friction pressure loss in the annulus. If for some reason the […]

Arabic Drilling Videos

فيديوهات حفر الابار النفطية Arabic Drilling Videos يقدم لكم موقع النفط والغاز الطبيعي العربي مجموعة كبيرة من الأفلام التعليمية الخاصة بحفر الآبار النفطية باللغة العربية تم تحميلها وتجميعها من مواقع مختلفة ورفعها الى السيرفرات الخاصة بموقعنا لكي يتسنى لكم تحميلها بشكل مباشر ، كل ما عليك فعله هو النفر على كلمة Download أو Download Link […]


Wells – Chemicals

Chemicals Used in Fracturing The identities of chemicals incorporated in fracturing fluids were probably the first thing sensationalized about fracturing. The movie “Gasland” created quite a stir with the statement that a “cocktail” of several hundred toxic chemicals were “potentially” used in fracturing. The grain of truth was that there are many chemicals in additives […]

Drilling Rotating Equipment

Drilling Rotating Equipment

    Rotating system: the figure indicate the comparative sizes of the drill pipe and drill collar. Swivel ♦ The swivel hangs from the drilling hook by means of large bail, or handle. The swivel is not rotate, but allow everything below it to rotate. ♦ Drilling fluid is introduced into the drillstem through a […]


Oil-Base and Synthetic-Base Muds

Drilling Mud Tests The field tests for rheology, mud density, and gel strength are accomplished in the same manner as outlined for water-based drilling mud. The main difference is that rheology is tested at a specific temperature, usually 120◦F or 150◦F. Because oils tend to thin with temperature, heating fluid is required and should be reported on the […]


Testing of Drilling Systems

    To properly control the hole cleaning, suspension, and filtration properties of a drilling fluid, testing of the fluid properties is done on a daily basis. Most tests are conducted at the rig site, and procedures are set forth in the API RPB13B. Testing of water-based fluids and nonaqueous fluids can be similar, but variations of procedures occur […]


Oil Well Planning

Drilling optimization requires detailed engineering in all aspects of well planning, drilling implementation, and post-run evaluation Effective well planning optimizes the boundaries, constraints, learning, nonproductive time, and limits and uses new technologies as well as tried and true methods. Use of decision support packages, which document the reasoning behind the decision-making, is key to shared learning and continuous improvement processes. It […]

Drilling Fluids

Theory and Applications of Drilling Fluid Hydraulics Download ———————————————————— Drilling Fluids Manual Download  ————————————————————- Amoco – Drilling Fluid Manual Download —————————— Drilling Fluids Technology Download  ————————————————————- Drilling Fluids Processing Handbook Download   see our Drilling Video Course – more than 140 FREE movies about oil well drilling   Drilling Fluids & Health Risk Management Download Development […]

OilWell Drilling Books Page.5

the biggest collection of oil well drilling books such as Drilling bits, Drilling Fluids, and Casing, links updated from time to time, all you have to do is to click on the icon under the required book name:   Casing Dimensions, Materials and Strength      Download Link  Drill Bit Technology Download Link 1     Download […]

OilWell Drilling Books Page.4

the biggest collection of oil well drilling books such as Drilling bits, Managed Pressure drilling known as MDP, wireline, casing and well testing, all you have to do is to press on Download to get any book.   Basics in Drilling in Oil and Gas Fields Download   Drilling and Completion Note  75 MB Download    Drilling […]

OilWell Drilling Books page.3

Books about Fishing  Fishing Open hole Download  Drilling , Fishing and Completion Download   Fishing Tools Download   Fishing & Casing Repair – Jim Short – Part.1     Download   Fishing & Casing Repair – Jim Short – Part.2     Download    Oilwell Fishing Operations Download Books about Multilateral Drilling and Horizontal Wells   Horizontal and Multilateral Well Technology Download […]

OilWell Drilling Books page.2

Blow Out Preventers “BOP” Books Blowout and Well Control Handbook Download Advanced Blowout and Well Control Download Blowout Prevention Download  BOP Basic Safety Functions Download   BOP Control Unit Download     BOPs   Download Testing of the fluid properties is done on a daily basis, but how they are tested? Water-Base Muds Testing, how it is done? […]

Oilwell Drilling Books Page.1

Page 1   Sand Control Overview Download  Perforating Solutions from Halliburton Download  Drilling Technology Download Well Control Books   Well Control B1  259 MB Download Well Control 146 MB Download  Blowout & Well Control Handbook Download   Well Control & IWCF  RAR Download   Drilling Practices Manual – Moore Download  Drilling Assembly Handbook Download  Well […]

Drilling Software

his page contains the biggest collection of free oil well drilling software, some of them are Trail version but that does not lessen their value , you can download each software by clicking on the Download . Drilling Hydraulics APK Download  Drilling Simulator Download Drilling Fluids Formulas apk Download Drilling Hydraulics Basic apk Download Oilfield […]

Oilwell Drilling Course2

the biggest collection of FREE movies about Oil Well Drilling , it contains movies about: well casing – cementing & cement additives – Drilling mud systems & additives – Blow Out Preventers BOP – Drilling bits – well logging – directional drilling – drilling rig – Permeability  & Porosity. Permeability Download Link 1     Download Link 2 […]