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Natural Gas Processing

Necessary Conditions and Goals of Processing : The types of treatments carried out on gas streams usually are: separation; – heating; – inhibition. – dehydration; – liquid hydrocarbon recovery; – sweetening. Treatment needs and objectives: The first gas treatments are temporary. Their aim is to prevent the hydrates formation and they’re classified as follows: – separation […]


Hydrates and Hydrate Prevention

    Hydrates Hydrates are crystallized, compact, porous and rather light mass, similar to compressed snow. They are made of water, hydrocarbons, H2S and CO2. Unlike ice, hydrates have an unusual characteristic: they form at a temperature that is above water freezing point . For instance, they can form at 20 °C at particular pressures. When they are […]

Gas Dehydration Books

in this section you will find a collection of books about: – natural gas dehydration. – Tri Ethylene Glycol. – Hydrate and Hydrate Inhibition. – Acid Gas Treatment. Hydrate & Dehydration Download Link 1       Download Link 2 Process Gas Dehydration  from Total download Natural Gas Dehydration with TEG download Glycol Dehydration Units Download […]

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Natural Gas Industry

Natural Gas Terminology: Reservoir: Porous & permeable underground formation containing an individual bank of H.C.s confined by impermeable rock or water barriers characterized by a single natural pressure system. read also What is Natural Gas Field: Area of one or more reservoirs related to same structural feature. Pool: Contains one or more reservoirs in isolated structures. […]