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AONG Eid Gifts

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As Usual, AONG prepared to you a special gift for Ad’ha Eid.

a collection of 77 FREE books, different categories, see them down here:


Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal Pump Books

1. Centrifugal Pump Systems.
2. Centrifugal Pump User’s Guidebook- Problems and Solutions.
3. Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum Heavy Duty Chemical, and Gas Industry Services.
4. Diagnosing Failures in Hydraulic Pumps and motors.
5. handbook of Pumps & Pumping.
6. Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps.
7. Leak-Free Pumps and Compressors Handbook.
8. Predicative Maintenance of Pumps Using Condition Monitoring.
9. Pump Handbook.

to download this collection, click here.

Drilling Books

Drilling1. BOPs.
2. Drilling and Completion.
3. Drilling Fluids Reference Manual.
4. Drilling Mud and Cement Slurry.
5. Drilling-Equipment-and-Operation.
6. Electric Submersible Pumps ESPs.
7. IADC Drilling Manual V.11.
8. Logging While Drilling LWD.
9. Reliability Analysis of Blowout Preventer.
10. Modern Well Test Analysis.
11. Sandface Completion Handbook.
12. the brief in oil well drilling.
13. Well Drilling Methods.
14. Well Engineering and Construction -Hussain Rabie.
15. Well test analysis – the use of advanced interpretation models.
16. Well Completion.

to download this collection, click here.

Heat Exchanger Books

heat exchanger1. Boiler Control Systems Engineering – G. F. (Jerry) Gilman, 2005).
2. classification of heat exchangers.
3. Design & operation of Heat Exchangers.
4. Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design.
5. Heat Exchanger Design.
6. Heat exchangers , Fired heaters,furnace and boilers.
7. Low Cost Polymer Heat Exchangers for Condensing Boilers.
8. Types of Heat Exchangers.

to download this collection, click here.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Books
petroleum reserves1. Petroleum and Gas Field Processing.
2. Chaudhri – Gas Well Testing Handbook.
3. Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing.
4. Handbook of Petroleum Processing.
5. Petroleum Engineering Handbook.
6. Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
7. The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum.


to download this collection, click here.

Thermodynamics Books

1.Engineering Thermodynamics.
2.Introduction to Thermodynamics.
3.Thermodynamics and Performance.
4.Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Flow (Vol 1_2 & 3).
5.Topics in Dynamics flows.

to download this collection, click here.

Petroleum Refinery Books:

refinery1. Advanced Distillation Technologies- Design, Control and Applications.
2. Furnaces and Refractories.
3. Distillation Control.
4. Distillation Hardware.
5. Distillation Process Control.
6. Distillation.
7. Emissions Estimation Protocol for petroleum refineries.
8. ENGINEERING DESIGN GUIDELINES – distillation column.
9. Environmental Standards for Petroleum Oil Refinery.
10. Fouling in Refineries.
11. Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining.
12. Handbook of Petroleum Refining.
13. Handbook of Refinery Desulfurization.
14. Improving Public and Worker Safety at Oil Refinery.
15. Introduction to Distillation.
16. Oil Refinery CO2 Performance Measurement.
17. Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment.
18. Oil Refinery.
19. oil refining and gas technology – Dr Neran.
20. Petroleum Fractionation-Overview.
21. Petroleum Refining Materials and Equipment.
22. Petroleum Refining (crude oil) V.1
23. Petroleum Refining (separation processes) V.2
24. Petroleum Refining (conversion processes) V.3
25. Petroleum Refining (materials and equipment) V.4
26. Petroleum Refining.
27. Petroleum Refineries Technology.
28. Petroleum Refinery Engineering, W.L_Nelson.
29. petroleum Refining Technology and Economics.
30. Refinery Process Design Notes.
31. simple guide to oil refining.
32. The Environmental Impacts of the Petroleum Refineries.

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FREE petroleum books

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