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Petroleum Books Section

petroleum BooksOur website AONG contains hundreds of free petroleum books, they are classified into different sections. divided to many categories , sections and sub sections, easy download. this section contains more than 2500 FREE books, it is the biggest collection ever at the web.


Petroleum Movies Section

petroleum industryOur website contains hundreds of free movies about petroleum industry, and natural gas facilities divided into different sections and sub-sections, easy-download , updated everyday, this section includes more than 700 FREE movies about oil and natural gas industry.


Drilling Video Course

Drillingmore than 140 FREE movies about Oil Well Drilling, the biggest video course in the internet about Drilling. it contains movies about:
well casing – cementing & cement additives – Drilling mud systems & additives – Blow Out Preventers BOP – Drilling bits – well logging – directional drilling – drilling rig – Permeability  & Porosity


Schlumberger Drilling Training Course

SchlumbergerThis course consists of 10 CDs, supports 6 languages “English – French – Spanish – Portuguese – Indonesian & Arabic” , it contains all what you need in petroleum well drilling such as:
Drilling Rig – Drilling machines – Drilling Mud – Drilling Fluids – Drilling Mud treatment – Pipe Handling – Rotary Equipment – Casing & Cementing – Well Logging – Mud Logging – BOPs ..etc

Pumps Video Training Course

pumpthe biggest collection of free movies about pumps, explaining everything about pumps, their internal parts. it is simply “Pumps A to Z”.
such as centrifugal pump parts, reciprocating pumps, multi-stage centrifugal pumps, Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps and Reading a Pump Curves.


Reservoir EngineeringReservoir Engineering Movies

in this section you will find a lot of books about reservoir Engineering, reservoir engineering, reservoir models, reservoir performance and water drive.


Reservoir SimulationReservoir Simulation Software

a big collection of books about reservoir simulation software movies, such as Petrel – Eclipse – OFM – CMG.


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