HSE in Drilling

An effective HSE program is characterized by no injury to people, no loss of property, and no harm to the environment. Great HSE performance is anindication of great leadership. It is much more than statistics, although measurements are necessary to facilitate performance improvement. HSE must …

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crude oil

What is Crude Oil

      Petroleum, meaning literally “rock oil,” is the term used to describe a myriad of hydrocarbon-rich fluids that have accumulated in subterranean reservoirs. (also called crude oil) varies dramatically in color, odor, and flow properties that reflect the diversity of its origin. Petroleum …

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Geophysical Techniques

Author: Mustafa AbdulSattar Gravitational, Magnetic, Radioactive and Thermal are depend on the rock inherent properties Like (Density, Magnetism, temperature and radioactive properties) —-Passive Electric–natural Currents or Artificial Electrical Source—passive Seismic-Artificial Source of Energy —Active   The Gravity Method: The weight of any body depends on …

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