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the best book about Petroleum Engineering Handbook

this is one of the best books about petroleum engineering , consists of 7 parts, each part discuses a certain category of oil industry,

Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 1  General Engineering :
this part is general, you can find the following topics in it:
– Mathematics.
– Fluid Flow.
– Gas Properties and Oil Corelations.
– Thermodynamics.
– Crude Oil Emulsions.
– Rock Properties – Porosity – Permeability.
– Petroleum Economics.

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 2  Drilling Engineering:
this part is about Drilling, you can find the following topics in it:
– Introduction to Drilling.
Drilling Fluids.
– Fluid Mechanics for Drilling.
– Well Control.
– Introduction to Drilling Bits.
Directional Drilling.
– Casing Design.
– Wellhead Systems.
– Cementing.
and others.

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 3 Facilities and Construction Engineering:
this part is about surface facilitires, you can find the following topics in it:
 – Oil and Gas Processing.
– Oil and Gas Separators.
– Gas Treating and Processing.
– Pumps – Compressors and Prime Movers.
– Piping and Pipelines.
– Safety Systems.
– Oil Storage.
– Offshore and Subsea Facilities.

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 4 Production Operations Engineering:
this parts is about operation engineering, it consists of the folloiwng:
– Inflow and Outflow.
Completion systems, Tubing Selection, and Perforating.
– Sand Control.
– Formation Damage and Matrix Acidizing.
– Hydraulic Fracturing.
– Well Production Problems.
– Artificial Lift , Sucker Rod Lift, Gas Lift, Electrical Submersible Pump ESP.
and others.

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 5 Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics:

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 6 Emerging and Peripheral Technologies:
this part consists of the following:
– Reservoir Geophysics.
– Intelligent Well Completion.
– Subsea and Downhole Processing.
– Tight Gas Reservoirs.
– Geothermal Engineering.
and others.

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Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 7 Indexes and Standards:
this part  contains a lot of tables, indexes and standards. 

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