Petroleum Production Fundamentals

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what is this collection about?

in this article, we will give you a very important gift, it is about oil production fundamentals, consists of 27 flash files in exe extension, in one compressed file, when you unzip the file it will be converted to an introduction flash and 27 flashs showing the oil production facilities in every step, it consists of the following modules:

Process Modules:

this section describes the oil and gas production in every detail, each stage of treatment is explained in many slides, with an explanation about equipment used in these facilities, this section include the following flashs:

  1. P&ID Conventions.
  2. Reservoir and Well heads.
  3. Turret and Swivel.
  4. Separation and Nucleonics.
  5. Crude Oil Metering and Export.
  6. Gas Compression.
  7. Gas Export and NGL Recovery.
  8. Gas Export and Metering.
  9. Flares Vents and Drains.
  10. Produced Water Treatment.
  11. Water Injection.
  12. Seawater Service System.
  13. Chemical Injection.
  14. Fuel Gas System.
  15. Process Control.
  16. Emergency Shut Down Systems ESD.

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  Utilities and Services:

this section describes the utilities and services in each oil and gas production facility, these utilities are essential in every facility, it consists of the following flashs:

  1. Cooling Medium System.
  2. Heating Medium System.
  3. Diesel System.
  4. Compressor Air.
  5. Power Generation.
  6. Fire Water System.
  7. Control of isolations.

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  Cargo and Marine:

the last part of this marvelous collection is about the Cargo and Marine facilities, it consists of the following flashs:

  1. Cargo Operations.
  2. Steam Generation.
  3. Inert Gas Generation.

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the main introduction flash will be like this:

Oil Production Fundamentals

AONG website as usual looking for every important books, videos and animation to introduce it to you, and TODAY we are introducing this collection to you in 2 direct links, all you have to do is to press on one of them and start downloading it:

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