Measurement While Drilling MWD

    The use of measurement and logging while drilling has matured a great deal in the last 10 years.  The use of these tools that have been developed for the oil and gas industry for use in primarily sedimentary depositional environments must be investigated in light of the goals set for EGS systems.  Let us first define what is meant in this section by the terms, realizing that the line between these two areas continue to blur. 1)      Measurement While Drilling (MWD): Tools that measure downhole parameters of the bit interaction with the rock are MWD tool.  These measurements typically include vibration and shock, mudflow rate, direction and angle of the…

  • directional drilling

    Directional Drilling Glossary

    Directional Drilling The glossary of terms used in directional drilling has been developed by the API Subcommittee on Controlled Deviation Drilling under the jurisdiction of the American Petroleum Institute Production Department’s Executive Committee on Drilling and Production Practice. The most frequently used terms listed below. Angle of inclination (angle of drift). The angle, in degrees, taken at one at several points of variation from the vertical as revealed by a deviation survey, sometimes called the inclination or angle of deviation. Angle of twist. The azimuth change through which the drillstring must be turned to offset the twist caused by the reactive torque of the downhole motor. Anisotrospic formation theory. Stratifiedor…

  • Drilling Bit

    types of Drilling Bits

    Drilling Bits when talking about oil well drilling, it is important to know How well the drilling bit drills depends on several factors, such as the condition of the drilling bit, the weight applied to it, and the rate at which it is rotated. Also important for a drilling bit performance is the effectiveness of the drilling fluid in clearing cuttings, produced by the bit away from the bottom. read more about Drilling Fluids The aim of oil well drilling is to: i ) make hole as fast as possible by selecting drilling bits which produce good penetration rates. ii ) run drilling bits with a long working life to…