Flare Types and Components

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    Introduction Flaring is a volatile organic compound (VOC) combustion control process in which the VOCs are piped to a remote, usually elevated, location and burned in an open flame in the open air using a specially designed burner tip, auxiliary [..More]

Well Control

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Basically, all formations penetrated during drilling are porous and permeable to some degree. Fluids contained in pore spaces are under pressure that is overbalanced by the drilling fluid pressure in the well bore. The borehole pressure is equal to the [..More]


Three-Phase Oil–Water–Gas Separators

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      in general, to the separation of any gas–liquid system such as gas–oil, gas–water, and gas–condensate systems. In almost all production operations, however, the produced fluid stream consists of three phases: oil, water, and gas. Generally, water produced with the oil [..More]


Gas–Oil Separators part. 2

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  Inlet Diverters Inlet diverters are used to cause the initial bulk separation of liquid and gas. The most common type is the baffle plate diverter, which could be in the shape of a flat plate, a spherical dish, or a cone. [..More]

التصميم الداخلي لعازلة أفقية

Gas–Oil Separators part. 1

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Commercial Types of Gas–Oil Separator Based on the configuration, the most common types of separator are horizontal, vertical, and spherical, Large horizontal gas–oil separators are used almost exclusively in processing well fluids in the Middle East, where the gas–oil ratio of the producing [..More]


Geologic Classification of Petroleum Reservoirs

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  Petroleum reservoirs exist in many different sizes and shapes of geologic structures. It is usually convenient to classify the reservoirs according to the conditions of their formation as follows: 1. Dome-Shaped and Anticline Reservoirs: These reservoirs are formed by the folding of [..More]

gas detector

How Gas Detector Works

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كيف تعمل متحسسات الغاز؟  How Gas Detector Works? تقوم متحسسات الغاز Gas Detectors بفحص تركيز غازات معينة في الهواء وبتقنيات مختلفة ، مما يمنع حدوث التسمم للأشخاص أو الحرائق للمعدات والمحطات الصناعية ، وتستعمل عادة لأغراض السلامة الصناعية. يتم تصنيعها [..More]

gas treatment

Surface Facilities in Oil & Natural Gas Production Part.3

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المنشآت السطحية لأنتاج النفط والغاز الطبيعي – الجزء الثالث  مثال لمنشآة غازية Gas Facility في الشكل التالي نجد منشأة مثالية لمعالجة الغاز المصاحب.  التسخين Heating : أن آبار الغاز غالبا ما تكون عالية الضغط ذات ضغط أغلاق الأنابيب Shut-in tubing [..More]

gas market

Natural Gas to Liquids GTL

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GTL: GTL means Gas to Liquids. A whole range of fuels can be produced from Natural gas by partial oxidation to synthesis gas (a mixture of H2 and CO) and subsequent conversion of this gas • 1993 – Shell pioneered [..More]


Effective and Relative Permeability

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Mustafa AbdulSattar           When there is only one type of fluid flowing through porous media, the permeability for this case is called “absolute permeability.” However, when there is more than one type of fluids present in a rock, a [..More]