Pipeline Design

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      The major steps in pipeline system design involve establishment of critical pipeline performance objectives and critical engineering design parameters such as: • Required throughput (volume per unit time for most petroleum products; pounds per unit time for petrochemical feedstocks); [..More]

oil trading

Crude Oil Trading

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Oil market overview This article gives an overview of the oil market and its dynamics. Furthermore, analyzes the types of oils, their characteristics and the factors that can influence the supply and demand and thus the price of the oil in [..More]


Wells – Chemicals

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Chemicals Used in Fracturing The identities of chemicals incorporated in fracturing fluids were probably the first thing sensationalized about fracturing. The movie “Gasland” created quite a stir with the statement that a “cocktail” of several hundred toxic chemicals were “potentially” [..More]


Geologic Classification of Petroleum Reservoirs

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  Petroleum reservoirs exist in many different sizes and shapes of geologic structures. It is usually convenient to classify the reservoirs according to the conditions of their formation as follows: 1. Dome-Shaped and Anticline Reservoirs: These reservoirs are formed by the folding of [..More]


what is Naphtha

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what is Naphtha Naphtha is a liquid petroleum product that boils from about 30°C (86°F) to approximately 200°C (392°F), although there are different grades of naphtha within this extensive boiling range that have different boiling ranges . The term petroleum solvent is often [..More]

Who is Petroleum Engineer?

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by: Mohammed Altahir Eliebied Petroleum Engineer Job Description & Career Opportunities A petroleum engineer is a subset of the engineering career, focused upon the exploration for and extraction of hydrocarbons (crude oil or natural gas). Petroleum engineers often work closely [..More]

What is Natural Gas?

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      Natural gas is a subcategory of petroleum that is a naturally occurring, complex mixture of hydrocarbons, with a minor amount of inorganic compounds. Geologists and chemists agree that petroleum originates from plants and animal remains that accumulate [..More]