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    AONG Eid Gifts

    As Usual, AONG prepared to you a special gift for Ad’ha Eid. a collection of 77 FREE books, different categories, see them down here:   Centrifugal Pump Books 1. Centrifugal Pump Systems. 2. Centrifugal Pump User’s Guidebook- Problems and Solutions. 3. Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum Heavy Duty Chemical, and Gas Industry Services. 4. Diagnosing Failures in Hydraulic Pumps and motors. 5. handbook of Pumps & Pumping. 6. Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps. 7. Leak-Free Pumps and Compressors Handbook. 8. Predicative Maintenance of Pumps Using Condition Monitoring. 9. Pump Handbook. to download this collection, click here. Drilling Books 1. BOPs. 2. Drilling and Completion. 3. Drilling Fluids Reference Manual. 4. Drilling…

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    Baker Hughes Exam for Petroleum Engineers

    Petroleum Exam Questions : in this post you will find a collection of questions asked in Baker Hughes Interview: 1. Voltage of normal dry cell battery used for baby toys, clock… etc is: (….). – (1.5 volts) 2. In a diesel engine what actually ignites the fuel? – Spark plugs – Compression – Expansion – Glow plug 3. Speed of light is: (….) m/sec. – c = 3 X 108 m/s 4. Rock types are: (…,…., and…). 1- Igneous. 2- Sedimentary. 3 –Metamorphic. 5. Atom can be defined as: (….) – The atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud…

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    Petroleum Engineering Handbook 7 parts FREE download

    the best book about Petroleum Engineering Handbook this is one of the best books about petroleum engineering , consists of 7 parts, each part discuses a certain category of oil industry, Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 1  General Engineering : this part is general, you can find the following topics in it: – Mathematics. – Fluid Flow. – Gas Properties and Oil Corelations. – Thermodynamics. – Crude Oil Emulsions. – Rock Properties – Porosity – Permeability. – Petroleum Economics. Download part 1 Petroleum Engineering Handbook – Part 2  Drilling Engineering: this part is about Drilling, you can find the following topics in it: – Introduction to Drilling. – Drilling Fluids.…

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    70 Petroleum Exam Questions and Answers

    Definitions asked in Petroleum Exams and Interviews: Porosity: is the percentage of volume of pores to total volume of the rock. Effective porosity: it is the inter-connected pore voids contribute to the flow of fluids or contribute to permeability in the reservoir. Primary porosity: porosity preserved from deposition through lithification. Secondary porosity: occur by alteration due to processes like dolomitization, dissolution, and fracturing. Permeability: is the ability of rock to transmit fluids. Absolute permeability: the ability of rock to transmit fluids when 69 Relative permeability: ratio of effective permeability of a particular fluid at a particular saturation, to the absolute permeability of that fluid at total saturation. Sedimentary rocks: are…

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    +200 Petroleum Company Interview Questions part.1

    Petroleum Exams Collection a very big collection of more than 200 questions asked in petroleum companies exams and interviews, enjoy! Define ————— Condenser – Sp.Gr – Dynamic viscosity – Reid vapor pressure – True pressure – Diesel index – Heat exchanger – Ideal fluid – Fire point – Flash point – Pour point True or false —————— – Gear pump is used in gasoline ( ) – The most losses in energy is in the stack of the Furnace ( ) – Octane of iso p < n.p ( ) –  – In h.ex cp=cal/(Lb.f.sec.) ( ) Cetane number of normal cetane >80 ( ) Choose ———- 1- To increase…

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    petroleum engineers and technicians who look for oilfield jobs are always looking for information needed to their interview , to get ready for non-expectable questions, studying these questions will make you familiar to any interview exam. AONG is providing the biggest collection of oil companies exams,  collected from many websites and submitted to you in one page, some of them are for famous companies. enjoy! Petro-Services Exam Download ECS Geological Exam Download Rashid Petroleum Company Download Halliburton Exam Download Baker Hughes Exam Download Gupco Company Exam Download a special gift for you , +200 Petroleum Companies Interview and Exam Questions General Petroleum Company Exam Download Zeitco Company Exam Download Gemsa…

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    Pipeline Design

          The major steps in pipeline system design involve establishment of critical pipeline performance objectives and critical engineering design parameters such as: • Required throughput (volume per unit time for most petroleum products; pounds per unit time for petrochemical feedstocks); • Origin and destination points; •Product properties such as viscosity and specific gravity; •Topography of pipeline route; •Maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP); and •Hydraulic calculations to determine: •Pipeline diameter, wall thickness, and required yield strengths; •Number of, and distance between, pump stations; and •Pump station horsepower required. Safety Safety in pipeline design and construction is achieved by the proper design and application of the appropriate codes and system hardware components, as detailed…

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    Crude Oil Trading

    Oil market overview This article gives an overview of the oil market and its dynamics. Furthermore, analyzes the types of oils, their characteristics and the factors that can influence the supply and demand and thus the price of the oil in the market. The world crude oil market: The oil industry is a global enterprise that employs millions of workers around the world and generates hundreds of millions of dollars. The oil sector, thus, is considered to be the largest in the world in terms of dollar value. In regions which house the major National Oil Companies, these corporations contribute significantly to the national GDP. The main products of the oil…

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    Wells – Chemicals

    Chemicals Used in Fracturing The identities of chemicals incorporated in fracturing fluids were probably the first thing sensationalized about fracturing. The movie “Gasland” created quite a stir with the statement that a “cocktail” of several hundred toxic chemicals were “potentially” used in fracturing. The grain of truth was that there are many chemicals in additives sold for incorporation in fracturing; however; the fact is that most fracs use only a dozen or so major chemicals, some of which are food-grade additives and many are in parts per million concentration. About half of fracturing jobs are “slick water” fracturing fluid that often use low concentrations of two to five chemicals. Many…

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    Geologic Classification of Petroleum Reservoirs

      Petroleum reservoirs exist in many different sizes and shapes of geologic structures. It is usually convenient to classify the reservoirs according to the conditions of their formation as follows: 1. Dome-Shaped and Anticline Reservoirs: These reservoirs are formed by the folding of the rock layers as shown in Figure 1. The dome is circular in outline, and the anticline is long and narrow. Oil and/or gas moved or migrated upward through the porous strata where it was trapped by the sealing cap rock and the shape of the structure.   2. Faulted Reservoirs: These reservoirs are formed by shearing and offsetting of the strata (faulting), as shown in Figure 2. The movement of the nonporous rock opposite the…

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    what is Naphtha

    what is Naphtha Naphtha is a liquid petroleum product that boils from about 30°C (86°F) to approximately 200°C (392°F), although there are different grades of naphtha within this extensive boiling range that have different boiling ranges . The term petroleum solvent is often used synonymously with naphtha. On a chemical basis, naphtha is difficult to define precisely because it can contain varying amounts of its constituents (paraffins, naphthenes, aromatics, and olefins) in different proportions, in addition to the potential isomers of the paraffins that exist in the naphtha boiling range. Naphtha is also represented as having a boiling range and carbon number similar to those of gasoline a precursor to gasoline. The so-called petroleum ether solvents are specific-boiling-range naphtha as is…

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    this page contains the biggest collection of free books about geophysics , geochemistry and geoscience. and many other books related to petroleum and natural gas industry , you can download each book by clicking on Download word. Geophysical Hazards – Minimizing Risk  – Maximizing Awareness Download Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics – Physical and Numerical Aspects Download  Physics for Geologists –  Richard Chapman 2nd edition Download The Rock Physics Handbook Download Geology & Geophysics in Oil Exploration Download  an Introduction to Geophysical Exploration Download   Geophysical Methods Download   Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Download Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods Part.1     Download Developments in Geophysical Exploration Methods Part.2  …