Reservoir Simulation Data Management

Reservoir Simulation Data Management Eng.Ali Yahya Jirjees Salman Introduction Data from a wide variety of sources are required for reservoir simulation. Simulation itself produces large quantities of data. Yet, good data management practices for reservoir simulation data are typically neither well-understood nor widely investigated. Reservoir simulation is inherently a data-intensive process. It starts with geological […]

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Petroleum Reservoirs Books 1

a collection of FREE books about petroleum reservoirs: contains reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, Carbonate Reservoirs and many others. Basic Well Logging and Formation Evaluations Download Porosity and Permeability Prediction Download Petroleum Reservoir Traps Download Gas Reservoirs Download Reservoir Engineering Download  Reservoir Description Download Principles of Well Logging and Formation Evaluation – M.M. Badawy Download Petroleum […]

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Reservoir Simulation Software Movies

in this section you will find a lot of videos about Reservoir Simulation software such as: Petrel – Eclipse – CMG – OFM and many others, all you have to do is to choose the required video and then click on Download link to be redirected to the download page directly. Building Flow Simulation Models […]

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