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AONG Article Writing Competition:

dear visitors:
AONG website competition for the best oilfield article is an invitation for all oilfield workers, staff and personnel to write an article about oil and natural gas industry in its multiple sections.

this competition will last for 1 month starting from Jan 15th, 2018 , our website team will study all the articles received, choose one of them as the best article, and the writer will win 10$ for this article.

the article should be about one of the following topics:

  1.  Crude Oil production and treatment facilities.
  2. Natural Gas production and treatment facilities.
  3. LPG, LNG and NGL .
  4. oil well drilling in its different sections: casing – logging – completion – well control – directional drilling – drilling rig ..etc
  5. oil well reservoirs.
  6. Equipment such as pumps – heat exchangers – valves – control valves – boilers – tanks – pipelines – compressors …etc
  7. HSE and OSHA in oilfields.

after 1 month from the competition start date, we will study all the articles, and will chose the best one, the article author will get 10$, paid with PayPal, we will chose some of the other good articles and publish them in our website.

The article should be in English. written in Word format, not less than 800 words, supported with pictures and graphs.

Important: your article should not be published before in any other website.

send your article to article(at)arab-oil-naturalgas.com.

If you have any inquiry, write your comment below:


6 thoughts on “Write an Oilfield article and win 10$

  1. فكره جميله جدا ونفسى اشارك معاكم فى موقعكم لانه فعلا موقع مفيد جدا

  2. أخي العزيز .. نتشرف بك في موقعنا ويمكنكم الأشتراك في المسابقة من خلال نشر مقالات تخص الصناعة النفطية بكل مفاصلها ، تبدأ المسابقة يوم 15 يناير ولمدة شهر والمقال الفائز سيحصل على هدية 10 دولارات .. للمزيد من التفاصيل يمكنكم الأتصال بفريق عمل الموقع من خلال البريد الألكتروني المثبت .. مع التقدير.

  3. Please send me the E-mail for sending an article about hydraulique fracturing

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