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Well Completion Concepts

well completion

      Porosity Porosity is the fraction of the total volume of the rock that is pore (non rock) space or void and not made of solid pieces of the formation. It will be filled with a gas, water or hydrocarbon or two or more at the same time. Porosity will range from a high …

Well Completion Arabic


أنواع إكمال الابار   Types Of Well Completions المهندس كاروان صابر هناك ثلاثة اصناف رئيسية لإكمال الابار الانتاجية وهي :- 1- الإكمال المفتوح Open Hole completion  : وهو الإكمال الذي تثبت فيه بطانة الانتاج فوق الطبقة المنتجة الحاوية على مواد هيدروكاربونية ( نفط ) قبل حفرها. ويتم الانتاج او الحقن في تلك الطبقة مباشرة دون تغليف …

Completion Techniques


    by Abass Radhi Abbas 1.General Communication between the formation and the wellbore will directly affect the productivity of the well. Factors such as hydrocarbon saturation, porosity, permeability, fluid properties and geometry can be measured or inferred from the measurements but they cannot usually be controlled. By contrast, completion can be controlled and thus …