What are the types of Valves

Written By: Kashif Zaman Usafzaie‎‏ Valves Uses: Valves are used for: 1. Full flow of full throttle: Which is the wide range of valves use, because valves are designed in a way that reduce pressure losses for fluids passing through these valves, diaphragm valve is used with dangerous and toxic liquids. 2. Flow regulating: Sometimes, we […]

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Schlumberger drilling CDs free download

Schlumberger Drilling Course the biggest source ever about oil well drilling, from the biggest company in the oil industry fields. it helps you to understand the drilling process fro the beginning, in other words; it is an “A to Z drilling course” , With highly interactive show with visual and vocal effects illustrating drilling  and other […]

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wellhead choke valve

what does choke valve mean

Most Common Choke Valves: •Positive: –Fixed orifice. –Disassemble to change bean. •Adjustable: –Provides variable orifice size through external adjustment. A choke is a restriction in a flow line that causes a pressure drop or reduces the rate of flow. It commonly uses a partially blocked orifice or flow path. Variable Chokes – good for bringing […]

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AONG Eid Gifts

Hi Every one: as usual, AONG website dedicated very precious gifts in the occasion of Al-Fitr Eid. these gifts are big collection of books in different categories as described bellow, ♦  Arabic Petroleum Books – 342 MB:    مجموعة ضخمة من كتب البترول العربية القيمة التي تم جمعها من مواقع مختلفة وتتضمن الكتب التالية: 1. […]

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Job Interview

Maximizing Your Job Interview Skills

  in this article we will discuss the things needed to pass the job interview. What is a Behavior Based Interview? ♦ A structured interviewing style based on questions designed to probe past behavior in specific situations. ♦ Focuses on experience, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities related to the position. ♦ Used to get an idea of how an […]

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hydrate inhibition injection

Hydrate inhibitor injection system

Hydrate Inhibitors The use of inhibitors is a common practice adopted in gas fields. The reasons are that the well fluids are almost always water saturated and at a rather high pressure. Therefore the cooling due to the fluid throttling at the wellhead choke valves and along the pipeline up to the oil or gas center make […]

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well logging questions

Well Logging Questions and Answers

some useful exam and interview questions about Well Logging Well logging methods? – GR log – Electric logs SP log Resistivity log . -Porosity logs Density log Neutron log Sonic log -Caliper log -Dipmeter log -Thermal log How do we measure the Mud cake thickness? Using caliper log. The most common tools used to determine […]

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