heat exchanger

the Basics of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Shell and tube heat exchangers are used extensively throughout the process industry and as such a basic understanding of their design, construction and performance is important to the practicing engineer. The objective of this paper is [..More]


H2S in Oil Industry

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    Introduction This article impacts on human health caused by exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) associated with crude oil and natural gas development. It begins with a brief background on hydrogen sulfide, its presence in oil and natural gas, and possible [..More]

sand control

Sand Control

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  Consequences of sand production: • Wellbore fill. • Equipment problems due to sand fill. • Sand erosion of downhole and surface equipment. • Sand accumulation on surface and Sand Disposal. • Production Loss. • Casing / Liner Collapse. Forces Aiding [..More]


What is Gasoline

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Gasoline Gasoline (also referred to as motor gasoline, petrol in Britain, benzine in Europe) is a mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum that is used as fuel for internal combustion engines such as occur in motor vehicles, [..More]


Pipeline Design

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      The major steps in pipeline system design involve establishment of critical pipeline performance objectives and critical engineering design parameters such as: • Required throughput (volume per unit time for most petroleum products; pounds per unit time for petrochemical feedstocks); [..More]

what is Centrifugal Compressor

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Figure 1 shows the basic components of a centrifugal compressor. Impellers are mounted on a horizontal shaft. They are the primary rotating elements that impart velocity to the gas. Impellers are also called wheels. Diffusers are stationary elements mounted in the [..More]

well completion

Well Completion Concepts

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      Porosity Porosity is the fraction of the total volume of the rock that is pore (non rock) space or void and not made of solid pieces of the formation. It will be filled with a gas, water [..More]

gate valve

Valve Types

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      GENERAL In industrial piping, the control of flow is very important. Mechanical devices used for flow control are called valves. The principal functions of valves are: · Starting and Stopping Flow · Regulating or Throttling Flow · Preventing [..More]