sand control

Sand Control

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  Consequences of sand production: • Wellbore fill. • Equipment problems due to sand fill. • Sand erosion of downhole and surface equipment. • Sand accumulation on surface and Sand Disposal. • Production Loss. • Casing / Liner Collapse. Forces Aiding [..More]


Pipeline Design

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      The major steps in pipeline system design involve establishment of critical pipeline performance objectives and critical engineering design parameters such as: • Required throughput (volume per unit time for most petroleum products; pounds per unit time for petrochemical feedstocks); [..More]

Iraq Oil

Iraq Oil History

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تاريخ انتاج النفط في العراق عقيل الشويلي        تعود محاولات انتاج النفط في العراق الى القرن التاسع عشر حيث كان الالمان هم اول من حاول استكشاف النفط في العراق في الفترة (1860-1880) حيث استقدمهم والي بغداد العثماني مدحت [..More]


Oil Reservoir Administration

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ادارة الحقول النفطية المهندس عقيل الشويلي تعتبر عملية استثمار الحقول النفطية من ضمن عمليات الانتاج التي تتضمن عدة نقاط جوهرية يجب ان يدركها العاملين في هذا القطاع اهمها : اولا : كيف يتم الانتاج ؟ وماهي الخطوات العملية للانتاج .؟ ثانيا [..More]


Emulsion Treating Part.1

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      Most of the world’s oil reservoirs now produce a mixture of oil and water. The liquids are subjected to shear forces through pumps or other lifting methods, or are sheared as they pass through pressure-reducing devices in the production [..More]

crude oil treatment

Crude Oil Treatment

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Crude Oil Treatment   Electrostatic & Mechanical Treaters Introduction After primary oil/water separation, there is often a small amount  of unwanted salts in residual water in the crude oil that needs to be reduced to a concentration around 5-10 PTB (Pounds [..More]

heavy oil

Heavy Oil Recovery

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    American Petroleum Institute API classifies crude oil into different types as follows: 1. Light Crude Oil : its API is greater than 31.1° 2. Medium Crude Oil: its API is between 22.3° and 30.2°. 3. Heavy Crude Oil: [..More]

lubricating Oil

Lubricating Oils Testing Methods

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INTRODUCTION Lubricating oil is used to reduce friction and wear between bearing metallic surfaces that are moving with respect to each other by separating the metallic surfaces with a film of the oil. Lubricating oil is distinguished from other fractions of [..More]