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Crude Oil Storage Tanks

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    Introduction The design of storage tanks for crude oil and petroleum products requires, in general, careful consideration of the following important factors: _ The vapor pressure of the materials to be stored. _ The storage tank temperature and pressure. [..More]

storage tank

Storage Tanks Types

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      Tank Types Tanks are usually described according to their function or their construction. Their function may be receiving, settling, treating, dehydrating, washing, desalinating, storing or exporting. The construction is limited to two main categories: a. Fixed-roof-tanks b. [..More]

fixed roof tank

Storage Tanks Design

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العوامل المحددة في تصميم الخزانات Storage Tank Design عند تصميم أي خزان ، يجب أخذ العوامل التالية بنظر الأعتبار:    –   هل المادة المخزونة تسبب التآكل Toxic ؟   –    هل المادة المخزونة متطايرة Volatile ؟   – [..More]