H2S in Oil Industry

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    Introduction This article impacts on human health caused by exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) associated with crude oil and natural gas development. It begins with a brief background on hydrogen sulfide, its presence in oil and natural gas, and possible [..More]


Removing H2S from Oil

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    1. INTRODUCTION Sulfur compounds exist in various light oils made from petroleum. Such as mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, which cause foul odors and deteriorate the finished products. In addition, due to their acidity, they are corrosive to metals, which is harmful for [..More]

natural gas

Components of Natural Gas other than Methane

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      Natural gas is a mixture of methane, with lower amounts of other hydrocarbons and other substances. These other constituents modify the physical and chemical characteristics of natural gas, for example, inert gases make the natural gas heating value lower. The [..More]

crude Tank

Crude Oil Sweetening and Stabilization

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Once degassed and dehydrated–desalted, crude oil is pumped to gathering facilities to be stored in storage tanks. However, if there are any dissolved gases that belong to the light or the intermediate hydrocarbon groups it will be necessary to remove these gases along [..More]

Protection Against H2S in Drilling sites

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Protection Against H2S in Drilling sites   الوقاية من غاز كبريتيد الهيدروجين في أبراج الحفر غاز كبريتيد الهيدروجين  يجب علي كل جهاز حفر أن يحتوي علي خطه طوارئ خاصة بغاز كبرتيد الهيدروجين وكذلك فإنه يجب أن تحتوي علي أجهزة كشف [..More]

H2S gas and its dangerous effects

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H2S gas and its dangerous effects غاز كبريتيد الهيدروجين .. ومخاطره  ما هو كبريتيد الهيدروجين (H2S)  ؟      – كبريتيد الهيدروجين هو غاز عديم اللون ذو سمية عالية  .    – غاز كبريتيد الهيدروجين معروف في مجال صناعة البترول بعدة [..More]