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each petroleum and natural gas engineer can make use of our huge library which contain more than 2500 FREE books and more than 700 FREE movies, petroleum books, drilling books, natural gas books and other topics that are related to oil industry and natural gas industry, classified to 12 sections and 27 sub-sections in order to ease your search for the required book, all the links are working, because we have uploaded them to MediaFire and other DIRECT FAST LINK, and we monitor all links periodically.

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Petroleum Books

Arabic Petroleum Books   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3

Petroleum Books Page 1   Page 2    page 3

Drilling Books  Page 1   Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5

Drilling Software

Oil & Gas Reservoir Books  Page 1   page 2

Refinery and Refining Books

Artificial Lift Books

Offshore Books

Enhanced Oil recovery Books

Drilling Fluids

Petrochemical Industry Books

Petrophysics and Seismic Books

Geophysics Books

Geology Books

Produced Water Treatment Books

Oil Well Logging Books

Oil Trading

Equipment Books

a collection of books about the Equipment used in oil and natural gas industry.

Petroleum Treatment Equipment Books

Pump Books

Heat Exchangers


Control Valves and Systems

Gas Turbines

Piping and Pipelines



Safety Valves

Storage Tanks


Miscellaneous Books:

Natural Gas Books

Gas Dehydration Books

LPG and LNG Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Books

Engineering Books

Engineering Software Books

Industrial Safety, OSHA and HSE Books

Petroleum Companies Exams

Energy Books

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18 Comments on “petroleum Books”

  1. Thanks for proving us book it’s so much hepful for petroleum geology.I appreciate.

  2. I’m recently checking your website and i gotta say it’s very good, a lot of free material. I congrat and thank you for that…

    But, a question… I’m not an engineer but i’m working right now as a translator for a chinese in an oil company in my country.

    And it’s a desalting and dehydrating oil treating plant,

    Any material related to that? And specially explianing the parts of each equipment? Specifically about furnaces? Please.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Please , Is there any Quality Control or Quality Assurance for Oil & Gas books, such as quality Installing submersible pump process, Quality in Drilling process , Quality in Oil Refinery process and Distillation.

    Many thanks for your kindly
    Mohamad Ihsan

  4. so, long there is no addition of new books, papers or articles. before there was update every week. last six months things changed. any specific reason

  5. dear Shahid, we are putting NEW books everyday, and there are 4 articles at least every month.
    we are suffering from “Low – Reaction”. and this may lessen our productivity.

  6. dear Ahmed, all what you asked for exists in our website in different pages, try the search box in the upper right of any page. regards.

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