Oil Refinery Processes

  Process Objective: To distill and separate valuable distillates (naphtha, kerosene,diesel) and atmospheric gas oil (AGO) from the crude feedstock. Primary Process Technique: Complex distillation Process steps: –Preheat the crude oil feed utilizing recovered heat from the product streams –Desalt and dehydrate the crude using electrostatic enhanced liquid/liquid separation (Desalter) –Heat the crude to the […]

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Crude Oil Refinery distillation Movies

How Crude Oil Cracking Works download Cracking and Reforming in Petroleum Refining Download Link 1      Download Link 2 Fluid Catalytic Cracking Download Link 1      Download Link 2 See also our Refinery Books section Oil Refinery Overview Download Petroleum Refining Basics Download Oil Refinery Part.1     Download Oil Refinery Part.2     Download […]

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