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    Oil Refinery Processes

      Process Objective: To distill and separate valuable distillates (naphtha, kerosene,diesel) and atmospheric gas oil (AGO) from the crude feedstock. Primary Process Technique: Complex distillation Process steps: –Preheat the crude oil feed utilizing recovered heat from the product streams –Desalt and dehydrate the crude using electrostatic enhanced liquid/liquid separation (Desalter) –Heat the crude to the desired temperature using fired heaters –Flash the crude in the atmospheric distillation column –Utilize pumparoundcooling loops to create internal liquid reflux –Product draws are on the top, sides, and bottom. Typical Yields and Dispositions: product & Yield in wt% of Crude Light Ends 2.3 Light Naphtha  6.3 Medium Naphtha 14.4 Heavy Naphtha 9.4 Kerosene  9.9 Atmospheric Gas Oil…