What is Gasoline

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Gasoline Gasoline (also referred to as motor gasoline, petrol in Britain, benzine in Europe) is a mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum that is used as fuel for internal combustion engines such as occur in motor vehicles, [..More]

LNG plant

LNG Liquefaction and Purification Processes

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Introduction to LNG Processes  The refrigeration and liquefaction sections of any LNG project are very costly items of equipment. A number of cycles have been developed to achieve the low temperatures required. Brief descriptions of a small number of process [..More]

paraffin oil

Oilfield Paraffin and Asphaltene

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Paraffin control products prevent crude oil precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in production risers, subsea tie-backs, or any other production tubular or transportation pipeline. Paraffin – Asphaltenes and Inhibitors Some formulation products are wax crystal modifiers that prevent paraffin formation [..More]

crude oil

Crude Oil Components

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      On average, crude oil are made of the following elements or compounds: Carbon – 84% Hydrogen – 14% Sulfur – 1 to 3% (hydrogen sulfide, sulfides, disulfides, elemental sulfur) Nitrogen – less than 1% (basic compounds with [..More]

crude price

Crude Oil Price

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  First of all we have to understand the Classification of Petroleum Products. The petroleum products that may be subject to evaluation can be grouped as: crude oil – natural gas – associated products Crude oil is a liquid composite [..More]