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    Trading Natural Gas, Oil and Gasoline

      Energy commodities can be traded. You can trade gasoline, natural gas and even heating oil commodities. Energy is a broad term which can mean any commodity that is used as power. You’ll be able to trade in the same oil that powers your home’s heating, gasoline for automobiles and any other form of energy. Supply, Demand and Seasonal Factors Supply and demand are the key drivers behind energy commodities. “Supply and demand is crucial for determining the oil price – particularly as the yield from certain major oil fields declines,” states Royal Capital. Distillate energy, or heating oil and gasoline, are reliant on each other’s pricing; the more that…

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    Crude Oil Price

    Crude Oil Price First of all we have to understand the Classification of Petroleum Products. The petroleum products that may be subject to evaluation can be grouped as: crude oil – natural gas – associated products Crude oil is a liquid composite of many hydrocarbon compounds that, depending on the composition, has differing properties such as oil gravity, viscosity, and pour point which, at least in part, define the quality of the oil for end use and also influence the methods that would be used to develop and produce the oil. Crude that has a high API gravity and low viscosity is generally easier to produce than low gravity, high…