Performance Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Technique and HIWAY Flow Channel Fracturing

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF HYDRAULIC FRACTURING technique AND HIWAY FLOW-CHANNEL FRACTURING –HASSI MESSAOUD Field Case Study– MESSAOUDI Khalid (1), ABIDI SAAD Nouh (2) 1 Engineering Servicing, Technical Division, SONATRACH DP STAH, IlliZi 33000 1 Computational Mechanics Laboratory, Tlemcen university, Tlemcen13100 2 Drilling Division, SONATRACH, Hassi Messaoud, 30500 …

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sand control

Sand Control

  Consequences of sand production: • Wellbore fill. • Equipment problems due to sand fill. • Sand erosion of downhole and surface equipment. • Sand accumulation on surface and Sand Disposal. • Production Loss. • Casing / Liner Collapse. Forces Aiding in Resisting Sand Production: • …

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