• gas compressor station
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    Natural Gas Compressor station components

    what is Gas Compressor Station? it is one of the most important steps in natural gas industry, it compresses natural gas and raise its pressure to make it continue flowing and reach further distances, they are located at natural gas pipeline, and they are essential to guarantee a continuous flow of gas, this is done by gas compressor mainly driven by a gas turbine, and sometimes by an electrical motor. what is the main function of gas compressor station? to compress and dehydrate natural gas and make it reach to the downstream process “either it is a LPG plant or a LNG plant”. what are the main components of gas…

  • desalter
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    Wet Crude Oil Treatment Plant

    what is Wet Crude? in the beginning of the production from any reservoir the crude oil contains no water and salt; with time it begins to produce large amounts of water and salt, although the density difference guarantee that water stays bellow crude oil in the reservoir, but sometimes water content will with time. wet crude facility was founded to reduce the negative effects of water and salt content, especially on the crude oil production and treatment equipment, the crude oil price, and specification. during wet crude treatment, salt and other impurities are removed from oil, these salts are dissolved in the reservoir water. it is either free water, this thing makes…

  • wet crude treatment vessel
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    Optimizing Wet Crude Treatment

    Emulsion Treatment Steps In general, the treatment of water emulsions in crude oil consists of 3 stages: emulsion breaking: includes breaking the film that surrounds the water droplet, by the aid of heat and demulsifier. water droplet coalescence: water droplets combine with each other after breaking the emulsion and being free forming big droplets, coalescence is a function of time, when there is enough time; more coalescence happens, this happens with the aid of an electrostatic field and water washing. settling: because of gravity, bigger droplets settles and go downward the vessel. These steps should happen consecutively, the main step of all the process is the coalescence, it is the…

  • heavy oil
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    Heavy Oil Recovery

        American Petroleum Institute API classifies crude oil into different types as follows: 1. Light Crude Oil : its API is greater than 31.1° 2. Medium Crude Oil: its API is between 22.3° and 30.2°. 3. Heavy Crude Oil: its API is between 22.3° and 10°. heavy crude oil has a high viscosity, high density. and the heavy oil itself is classified into many types according to the Canadian Center for Energy according to its API as follows: 1. Heavy oil: which API is more than 10° and viscosity is less than 10,000 cp , and flows under reservoir conditions. 2. Extra Heavy Oil: which API is less than…

  • Horizontal-Three-Phase-Separators
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    Degassing Stations GOSP

      محطات عزل الغاز الطبيعي Degassing Stations رائد العبيدي ما هي عملية العزل؟ يكون التدفق من البئر بطورين سائل وغاز وتحت ضغط عال, ويكون قسم من الغاز حراً في حين يكون الجزء الآخر مذاباً في السائل , يجب تخفيض ضغط وسرعة تدفق النفط الخام للحصول على فصل مستقر.. وذلك من خلال أدخال النفط الى محطة العزل gas-Oil Separator Plant GOSP وتخفيض الضغط الى الضغط الجوي من خلال عدة مراحل من العزل. تبعاً لمقدار تخفيض الضغط فأن بعض المركبات الهيدركاربونية الخفيفة الثمينة في النفط ستفقد الى الغاز , لذا تعتبر محطة العزل هي المرحلة الأولى في سلسلة طويلة من المراحل لمعالجة النفط الخام وذلك للسماح للقسم الأكبر من الغاز للتحرر من…