write an oilfield article

oilfield articlethis is an invitation for all oilfield personnel, experts, engineers or drilling staff to write articles for AONG website,
here is a list of the topics you may write an article about:

  1.  Crude Oil production and treatment facilities.
  2. Natural Gas production and treatment facilities.
  3. LPG, LNG and NGL .
  4. oil well drilling in its different sections: casing – logging – completion – well control – directional drilling – drilling rig ..etc
  5. oil well reservoirs.
  6. Equipment such as pumps – heat exchangers – valves – control valves – boilers – tanks – pipelines – compressors …etc
  7. HSE and OSHA in oilfields.

the article should suit the following conditions:

  1. The article should be in English.
  2. The article should be about oil and natural gas industry or the equipment used in this industry.
  3. You can write your article from the books published in our website. but you have to write the books as references bellow the article
  4. The article should written in Word format. not less than 800 words.
  5. Important: your article should not be published before in any other website.

If you have any inquiry, don’t hesitate and send a letter to our website manager: