what are the energy forms

What is Energy? what does this term mean? because We hear about energy everywhere. why we hear about it everyday? and how important it is? We pay bills for energy every month, Athletes eat high-energy foods, and put as much energy as they can into the swing or the kick or the sprint. we hear this word many […]

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this sections discusses the energy in its multiple forms, a big collection of FREE books about energy: – Solar Energy – Wind Energy – Renewable Energy – Green Energy. – Nuclear Energy. enjoy the download of Energy FREE books by clicking on “download” under the required book, and report any BROKEN LINKS to our team: […]

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Bernoulli Equation

  Bernoulli Equation It is customary to express the energy contained in a fluid in terms of the potential energy contained in an equivalent height or “head” of a column of the fluid. Using this convention, Bernoulli’s theorem breaks down the total energy at a point in terms of: 1.     The head due to its […]

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natural gas

Natural Gas Industry

Natural Gas Terminology: Reservoir: Porous & permeable underground formation containing an individual bank of H.C.s confined by impermeable rock or water barriers characterized by a single natural pressure system. read also What is Natural Gas Field: Area of one or more reservoirs related to same structural feature. Pool: Contains one or more reservoirs in isolated structures. […]

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