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    some useful exam and interview questions about Well Logging Well logging methods? – GR log – Electric logs SP log Resistivity log . -Porosity logs Density log Neutron log Sonic log -Caliper log -Dipmeter log -Thermal log How do we measure the Mud cake thickness? Using caliper log. The most common tools used to determine hydrocarbon are: • Sonic, gamma rays. • Resistivity and Neutron density. • Dipmeter, borehole geometry tool. 10 Petro physical Computation is performed on a ( Any data. b) Raw data. c) Data after EnvironmentalCorrection 1when SP cannot measure  Because a conductive fluid is needed in the bore hole for the SP log to operate,…

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    عمليات الجس في الابار  نهير قاسم جبار – رئيس جيولوجيين أقدم عند الانتهاء من حفر مقطع جيولوجي معين وقبل انزال البطانة تجري عمليات جس البئر والمقصود بها هي تلك العمليات التي تتضمن انزال اجهزة كهربائية الكترونية وصوتية وتسجيل صفات صخور المقطع الجيولوجي وما يحتويه من سوائل وكذلك ظروف البئر ابتداءا من قعر البئر وحتى اخر بطانة . وهناك بعض انواع المجسات ممكن تسجيلها للبئر المبطن كذلك .  وهذا وان المعلومات التي نحصل عليها من المجسات تعتبر احسن وسيلة لتقييم الطبقات الجيولوجية من حيث المسامية والنفاذية والشواهد الهيدروكاربونية ونسبة السجيل اضافة الى صفات اخرى وتعتبر المجسات ارخص بمقدار ( 500 ) مرة من اللباب وهي ارخص ب( 5 ) مرات من المعلومات…

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    The use of measurement and logging while drilling has matured a great deal in the last 10 years.  The use of these tools that have been developed for the oil and gas industry for use in primarily sedimentary depositional environments must be investigated in light of the goals set for EGS systems.  Let us first define what is meant in this section by the terms, realizing that the line between these two areas continue to blur. 1)      Measurement While Drilling (MWD): Tools that measure downhole parameters of the bit interaction with the rock are MWD tool.  These measurements typically include vibration and shock, mudflow rate, direction and angle of the…

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    by Ahmed Imad   Well log is a continuous record of measurement made in bore hole respond to variation in some physical properties of rocks through which the bore hole is drilled. Traditionally Logs are display on girded papers shown in figure1. Now a days the log may be taken as films, images, and in digital format.   HISTORY   1912 Conrad Schlumberger give the idea of using electrical measurements to map subsurface rock bodies.    in 1919 Conrad Schlumberger and his brother Marcel begin work on well logs.    The first electrical resistivity well log was taken in France, in 1927.    The instrument which was used for this purpose…