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prior. Consequently, you hereby consent to be bound by such modifications.

The behavior of the browser for the site:
By Using any service of “services of AONG site “, you undertake:

1. prevents overtaking on all religions . will not be published any subject harm the Islamic religion in any way .
2.  prevents the use of the site logo except in cases of announcement of our pictures .
3. Do not put your topics or posts that contain pictures obscene public .
4. It prevents overtaking on any member within the site topics or posts and prevents the development of threads hurtful to members.
5. Of the right of management to delete any topic or reply without warning .
6. Do not put your threads advertising companies or sites or other forums  . It also prevents the deployment of threads containing (inclusive) on advertisements for other companies
7.   threads prevent any harm to the interests of the site.
8. In the case of the publication of any article interpreter must be the source said,, otherwise the site is not responsible for the legal consequences arising from it, but borne by the author of the article.
9. Do not put your topics or posts provoke sectarian strife and ethnic .
The contents of the site ” AONG website ” ·
that AONG website is the Arabic site aims to oil and natural gas in the Arab countries service industry.
The site is a gathering of engineers working in the oil and natural gas industry of all countries in order to disseminate their articles and their research in this area In addition to publishing books links
related to the oil industry engineering from various locations. In addition to the advertisements operating companies in this field. can be re-publication of articles and topics to our one condition only a
male URL under the article .

You may not remove the reference copyright or trademark of any of the website material or its contents or those available in the service, You do not have to be (in the case to raise the brand ) to print the
content of the site or reproduce or publish or broadcast or changed or distributed, licensed or exploited in the business or use the services provided by the site or make its content available to Oluge via
any type of network.
– Do not use trademarks trades of companies on the site, or those that its brands are available on the site for any reason

Evacuation responsibilaty:

– Required the use of any service from services AONG website to be accepted that the above services, including all the contents of the site and the materials and information available to it, as
we are here insist that all threads that publish on the site do not necessarily represent the opinion of management of the site but express the views of the author.
– Our reserves the right to make adjustments as it deems necessary on the site and the services provided without prior notice at any time and complete freedom which.
– retain our right to change the prices of services advertisement provided from time to time without prior notice which, and the form in which the benefit of the site, does not apply to announcements
on the site where it will stay on the same old price until the end of the agreed period announcement in advance, will not be the company that announced on the site to any other amounts after the
expiration of the announcement claim.
It will be an agreement on the new price For a new expiry date of the old declaration if you want this company to do so.
– is not our responsible for any kind of damages of any size, including the direct or special damages arising from use of the information published on our website or from the use of services advertisers.
– Some of the information contained in the site or services come from a third party, a return to the authors themselves or the companies themselves, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site, and
therefore our site is not responsible for the content of the subject or its accuracy or validity, materials or advice or opinions that appear in the site or any type of other information related to these
– Our provides links to other sites managed by other institutions are not subject to management Our nothing to do with us, and considered these sites beyond the control of and seeing our site, and
therefore our site does not endorse (necessarily) the information published in any of those sites or their content or their goods or services, and therefore also not considered administer our responsible
for these sites or breach of sponsors for any companies of the laws and regulations of any country in the world, is also considered administer our is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by
Visit these sites.
– offers our many services, but can not in any way be regarded as content recommendation or advice or recommendation by our management, and should not be relied upon to take any decision regarding
investments or other matters and you must resort to advisers Your end and get professional advice before exercising any financial investment or take his decision or choices based on information
provided by the site.
– the work site to do its utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the site team will, but that opinion contained in this site is the owner opinion does not expresses the point of view of
the site management and management bear the
Site any responsibility for these opinions or for any results of the investments depend on it.
– If the provision of services on the site, or any part of it, contrary to the system in the state in which you reside or use was you violation the law, you may not enter the site or use any of its services.
– Force Majeure : Do not assume the location of any responsibility management to you as a result of any interruption or delay in the site or services as a result of force majeure including, but not limited to
strikes, conflicts, wars,
or riots, or comply with an order or government bill etc.

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Log Files : Like many other Web sites, hence the  AONG website  use of log files. This includes internet protocol (addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP  online), date / time, and number of clicks to analyze trends). Here, and through this process, it is not intended to collect all this information in order to eavesdropping on the things Visitors personal, It is a analytical things for the purposes of improving the quality of ads by Google, and add to that that all this  information stored by us strictly confidential, and remain within the development and improvement of the scope of our site only. Cookies and Web Beacons : Google’s use cookies to store information about visitors preferences, Besides special record user-specific information on which pages the user access or visit, and this step we know the extent of  the concerns of visitors and any subjects most favored by them so that we can do our part to develop our content service and knowledge appropriate to them.  Add to this that some of the companies that advertise in Our might look on cookies and network settings to us and you, and these companies, for example, the company  Google  and its advertising  Google AdSense  is the first advertising company in  our website. And, of course Such advertisers, which is the third party in the privacy policy they pursue such data and statistics through the protocols the Internet for purposes improve the quality of their ads and measure their effectiveness. As though these companies  and under the agreements concluded with us are entitled to use other technologies (such as cookies, network settings, and Beacons “JavaScript”) for the same purposes listed above, which is to develop advertising content for these companies  and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any goals Others may harm one way or another to our visitors. Of course, the  Arab Oil and Natural Gas website  can not access or control over these cookies, and even with your permission and you enable to take them from your computer (cookies), also consider ourselves are not responsible in any way for use of  illegal her that happened, God forbid.  You should consult the privacy policies of the third party in this document (advertisers ” Google AdSense “) servers or ad networks for more information on their practices and its various activities. to review the privacy policy of the first advertising for the program at the site of the oil of the Arab natural gas Google AdSense  and a subsidiary of  Google  please click  here and finally .. We are obligated under the terms of this Agreement that show you how to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options, or follow through   the privacy policy of Google ad and content network  .  If you need any further information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by e-mail the following: Info@arab-oil-naturalgas.com