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    Crude Oil Storage Tanks

        Introduction The design of storage tanks for crude oil and petroleum products requires, in general, careful consideration of the following important factors: _ The vapor pressure of the materials to be stored. _ The storage tank temperature and pressure. _ Toxicity of the petroleum material In order to meet the environmental constraints on air pollution, to prevent fire hazards, and to avoid losses of valuable petroleum products at the same time, it is recommended to adopt the following: _ The use of floating-roof tanks for petroleum materials with a vapor pressure of 1.12–11.5 psia (at the storage temperature) or Using fixed-roof tanks along with the VRU system. Storage tanks for crude…

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    Storage Tanks Types

          Tank Types Tanks are usually described according to their function or their construction. Their function may be receiving, settling, treating, dehydrating, washing, desalinating, storing or exporting. The construction is limited to two main categories: a. Fixed-roof-tanks b. Floating-roof tanks. a) Fixed-Roof Tanks see our Storage Tanks Books section As the name implies, fixed-roof tanks are tanks which have their cylindrical shell covered by a roof that is an integral part of the tank construction. The roof plates rest on a supporting framework and are attached to the tank only at the top of the shell. A typical fixed-roof tank is shown in Figure below: There are three…

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    in this section you will find a collection of books about storage tanks, their function, types and uses. Storage Tanks – Basic Training – Part.1 Download Storage Tanks – Basic Training – Part.2 Download Storage tanks Download Design Details of Storage Tanks Download API-650-2007 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage Download  Floating Roof Tank Foam Chamber Download Foam Pourer Nozzles for Floating Roof Tank Download     Storage Tanks power point Download   Storage Tanks RAR Download Installing Vapor Units in Crude Tanks Download Installation of LPG Storage Tanks Download Pressure Vessel Components Download Storage Tank ZIP Download Storage Tanks Inspection Download Design, Construction and Operation of the Floating Roof Tank…