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Wet Crude Treatment Plant  Produced by our website team Download     Vapor Recovery Unit Principles   Download what is Crude Oil? Download Link 1      Download Link 2 Wellhead Installation Download Wellhead X – mass Tree Download Separation process of Oil and Gas Flow Station download Why Is Crude Oil’s Price So Volatile […]

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Emulsion Treating Part.2

Emulsion-Treating Methods An emulsion-treating unit or system will use one or more of the methods to aid in destabilizing, coalescence, and/or gravity separation. Each of these treating methods is discussed separately below. Heating. Using heat to treat crude-oil emulsions has four basic benefits: Heat reduces the viscosity of the oil, which allows the water droplets to collide […]

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crude oil treatment

Crude Oil Treatment

Crude Oil Treatment   Electrostatic & Mechanical Treaters Introduction After primary oil/water separation, there is often a small amount  of unwanted salts in residual water in the crude oil that needs to be reduced to a concentration around 5-10 PTB (Pounds per Thousand Barrels) salt. This salt needs to be removed so that the crude oil […]

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