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we invite experienced petroleum personnel to share his/her experience or unique assignments they performed. This way we can know about the other different applications or approaches in different problems in the oil industry. And about experience or journey, it will help others to be motivated and to be focused.

Here, you can write any problem happened in your facility, and how did you solve it ;  or any hard situation you faced during your work in oil and natural gas facilities, drilling rig, crude oil refinery, tank farm, pumping station or any other facility related to oil industry in its different stages.

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  • first, let us talk about drilling problems, drilling fluids loss, oil well kicks, cementing and casing problems and any other problem related to drilling.

  • Hi, I would like to talk about wet crude treatment facility, it is a very accurate process, it needs a very careful balance between demulsifier dose, electric current used in the dehydrator and desalter transformers, wash water rate, and the heater used to heat the wet crude to reduce its viscosity.
    all these factors combined, make the treatment more effective and let you remove as much as possible water and salts from wet crude.

  • dear Ahmed,
    thank you very much for these valuable information about wet crude treatment facility, that is what we want from this page; sharing petroleum experience and knowledge with junior petoleum engineers and technicians.
    thank you very much, god bless you.

  • Gas dehydration is one of the most important processes in natural gas industry, maintaining the boiler temp. less than 204°C will guarantee keeping the Gycol not decomposed , and you have to keep the difference between the dry gas and glycol not more than 5°C.
    you have also to keep the glycol PH less than 8 by adding any PH equalizer.
    you have also to keep glycol press. more than dry gas press.
    that is some useful tips, hope you make use of them.
    Carlos from Venezuela.

  • dear Carlos Mceta:
    thank you very much for this precious information about gas dehydration process.

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