Performance Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Technique and HIWAY Flow Channel Fracturing

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF HYDRAULIC FRACTURING technique AND HIWAY FLOW-CHANNEL FRACTURING –HASSI MESSAOUD Field Case Study– MESSAOUDI Khalid (1), ABIDI SAAD Nouh (2) 1 Engineering Servicing, Technical Division, SONATRACH DP STAH, IlliZi 33000 1 Computational Mechanics Laboratory, Tlemcen university, Tlemcen13100 2 Drilling Division, SONATRACH, Hassi Messaoud, 30500 …

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The Effects of Mercaptans on Various Metals

What is Mercaptan? for many oxygenated organic compounds, there are analogous derivatives in which sulfur replaces the oxygen atom. The derivatives are called “thiocompounds” (e.g., thioalcohols, thioethers, and thioaldehydes). Thiocompounds corresponding to the alcohols (e.g., methanethiol) also are called “mercaptans” because they easily form mercury salts and have been used to treat mercury poisoning. Mercaptans tend to …

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