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What are Hydrates – Arabic

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ما هي الهيدرات Hydrates وما هي طرق معالجتها؟ الهيدرات Hydrates  وهي أشبه بالثلج الوسخ ، حيث تتكون من مزيج من الماء مع بعض جزيئات الهيدروكاربونات الخفيفة (غالباً ما تكون الميثان والأيثان وثاني أوكسيد الكاربون) وهي بلورات غير محكمة وتسمى هذه [..More]


Natural Gas Dehydration Part.1

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Definition of Natural Gas Dehydration  the removal of water from natural gas by lowering the dew point temperature of the natural gas    Objective: To prepare natural gas for sale, its undesirable components (water, H2S and CO2) must be removed. [..More]


Natural Gas Hydrates

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what are Hydrates Introduction to Hydrate Natural gas hydrates are ice-like materials formed under low temperature and high pressure conditions. Natural gas hydrates consist of water molecules interconnected through hydrogen bonds which create an open structural lattice that has the [..More]


Natural Gas Dehydration Part.2

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PROCESS DESCRIPTION OF GAS DEHYDRATION The principle of glycol dehydration is contacting a natural gas stream with a hygroscopic liquid which has a greater affinity for the water vapor than does the gas. Contactor pressure is subject to economic evaluation [..More]