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    the Technologies of Natural Gas Sweetening

    Natural Gas Sweetening Natural gas may contain high quantities of hydrogen sulfide H2S and/or carbon dioxide CO2. The presence of these compounds renders the gas a sour gas. This is specially because sulfur has such negative effects on the quality of the produced gas, that the concentration of both components have to be reduced from the gas flow before being put into the distribution conducts for the users. The regulations allow a maximum of H2S equal to 0,002 gr./Nmc (1,31 PPM).The amount of CO2 in the gas produced will depend in the amount required by the regulations. Typical values allow a maximum concentration of carbon dioxide and other inerts to…

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    H2S in Oil Industry

        Introduction This article impacts on human health caused by exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) associated with crude oil and natural gas development. It begins with a brief background on hydrogen sulfide, its presence in oil and natural gas, and possible emission sources from various oil and gas operations. epidemiology, and industrial health publications, as well as of sources from regulatory and environmental agencies, that addresses human health impacts from exposure to H2S. Many recommendations established to protect human health are based on crude exposure estimates or on extrapolation from animal studies. The USA government does not regulate ambient H2S levels, but many states do. Three states conduct routine monitoring of ambient H2S levels, and…

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    Removing H2S from Oil

        1. INTRODUCTION Sulfur compounds exist in various light oils made from petroleum. Such as mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, which cause foul odors and deteriorate the finished products. In addition, due to their acidity, they are corrosive to metals, which is harmful for storage and usage of oil products. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them. In the refining industry, an aqueous base such as sodium hydroxide or ammonia is employed fulfilling the purpose. Although its effectiveness and the low cost of fresh caustic are the reasons for its widespread use, the aqueous base especially sodium hydroxide always causes some problems. Such as spending many caustic materials, and discarding lots of hazardous waste. So environmental agencies around the world have…

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        This section contains movies about HSE & OSHA procedures in oil and natural gas industry and chemical hazards. Dont Mess With H2S – part.1     Download Dont Mess With H2S – part.2    Download   H2S Arabic Download Lockout and Tagout Training Video download  Safety in oil and gas industry part.1 Download  Safety in oil and gas industry part.2 download Total Safety Confined Space download    Introduction to H2S Download  Impact of Oil and Gas Industry on Marine Environment Download Introduction to HSE download  Safety in design and operations Download  Process Safety management Training of Highly Hazardous Chemicals Download  ENI Petroleum HSE presentation Download  Safety Training Part.1     Download  Safety…