• fishing

    Fishing Equipment

    Fishing Operations and Equipment A fish is a part of the drill string that separates from the upper remaining portion of the drill string while the drill string is in the well. This can result from the drill string failing mechanically, or from the lower portion of the drill string becoming stuck or otherwise becoming disconnected from drill string upper portion. Such an event will instigate an operation to free and retrieve the lower portion (or fish) from the well with a strengthened specialized string. Junk is usually described as small items of non-drillable metals that fall or are left behind in the borehole during the drilling, completion, or workover operations.…

  • Drilling

    Well Control

    what is well control Basically, all formations penetrated during drilling are porous and permeable to some degree. Fluids contained in pore spaces are under pressure that is overbalanced by the drilling fluid pressure in the well bore. The borehole pressure is equal to the hydrostatic pressure plus the friction pressure loss in the annulus. If for some reason the borehole pressure falls below the formation fluid pressure, the formation fluids can enter the well. Such an event is known as a kick. This name is associated with a rather sudden flowrate increase observed at the surface. A formation fluid influx (a kick) may result from one of the following reasons:…

  • Drilling Rotating Equipment

    Drilling Rotating Equipment

          Rotating system: the figure indicate the comparative sizes of the drill pipe and drill collar. Swivel ♦ The swivel hangs from the drilling hook by means of large bail, or handle. The swivel is not rotate, but allow everything below it to rotate. ♦ Drilling fluid is introduced into the drill stem through a gooseneck connection on the swivel, which is connected to the rotary hose. Power Swivel ♦ When a ‘top-drive’ system is used, the swivel is replace by power swivel. ♦ The power swivel performs the same functions as the ‘normal swivel’, but it is also associated with a transmission system used to rotate the…

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    Oil Well Drilling Pipe

        The major portion of drill string is composed of drill pipe. Drill pipe consists of three components: a tube with a pin tool joint welded to one end and a box tool joint welded to the other.       Before the tool joints are welded to the tube, the tube is upset, or forged, on each end to increase the wall thickness.  After upsetting, the tube is heat treated to the proper grade strength. All tool joints are heat treated to the same material yield strength (120,000 psi), regardless of the grade of pipe to which they are attached. Most drill pipe is made from material similar to AISI…