Fishing Equipment

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Fishing Operations and Equipment A fish is a part of the drill string that separates from the upper remaining portion of the drill string while the drill string is in the well. This can result from the drill string failing [..More]

Well Control

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Basically, all formations penetrated during drilling are porous and permeable to some degree. Fluids contained in pore spaces are under pressure that is overbalanced by the drilling fluid pressure in the well bore. The borehole pressure is equal to the [..More]

Drilling Rotating Equipment

Drilling Rotating Equipment

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    Rotating system: the figure indicate the comparative sizes of the drill pipe and drill collar. Swivel ♦ The swivel hangs from the drilling hook by means of large bail, or handle. The swivel is not rotate, but allow [..More]

Oil Well Drilling Pipe

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    The major portion of drill string is composed of drill pipe. Drill pipe consists of three components: a tube with a pin tool joint welded to one end and a box tool joint welded to the other.       [..More]