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    Principles of Combustion Effective fire prevention requires a thorough understanding of: 1) conditions under which flammable and combustible materials vaporize; 2) what is meant by an ignitable or flammable mixture; 3) what is meant by a source of [..More]

LNG ship

Converting Natural Gas to LNG

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LNG Natural gas, which is comprised primarily of methane, is one of our most abundant natural resources, both domestic and abroad. Unfortunately, many of the natural gas reservoirs are located in relatively remote areas, or offshore, and high transportation costs tend to [..More]


Natural Gas Hydrates

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what are Hydrates Introduction to Hydrate Natural gas hydrates are ice-like materials formed under low temperature and high pressure conditions. Natural gas hydrates consist of water molecules interconnected through hydrogen bonds which create an open structural lattice that has the [..More]

What is Natural Gas?

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      Natural gas is a subcategory of petroleum that is a naturally occurring, complex mixture of hydrocarbons, with a minor amount of inorganic compounds. Geologists and chemists agree that petroleum originates from plants and animal remains that accumulate [..More]