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          Porosity Porosity is the fraction of the total volume of the rock that is pore (non rock) space or void and not made of solid pieces of the formation. It will be filled with a gas, water or hydrocarbon or two or more at the same time. Porosity will range from a high of 40-50% in some marginally consolidated chalk formations to a low of near zero in some of the evaporites (anhydrite). The average porosity of producing reservoirs ranges from about 5-15% in limestones or dolomites, 10-25% in sandstones and over 30% in many of the chalk formations. In most unconsolidated formation, porosity depends upon the grain…

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    Applied Reservoir Engineering,    Download Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation Download Basic-Applied-Reservoir-Simulation Download     Applied Reservoir Engineering Download Applied Drilling Engineering SPE Series Download Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation – Ertekin Turcay Download Applied Reservoir Engineering – Charles R. Smith, G. W. Tracy, R. Lance Farrar Download      Handbook of Porous Media Download Carbonate Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy Download production operation vol 1 (well completions, workover, and stimulation)   Download  production operation vol 2 (well completions, workover, and stimulation)  Download   Porosity, Permeability & Skin Factor Download Determination of Oil and Gas Reserves Download Reservoir Fluids Download Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Download Permeability Download Formation Pressure PowerPoint Download Formation Pressure pdf Download Reservoir Geology Introduction Download…

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    Effective and Relative Permeability

    Mustafa AbdulSattar           When there is only one type of fluid flowing through porous media, the permeability for this case is called “absolute permeability.” However, when there is more than one type of fluids present in a rock, a permeability of each fluid to flow is decreased because another fluid will be moving in the rock as well.  A new term of permeability called “effective permeability” is a permeability of a rock to a particular fluid when more than one type of fluid is in a rock Reservoir consists of three fluids (gas, oil, and water) so these are commonly used abbreviations for effective permeability for each fluid. kg…