The Effects of Mercaptans on Various Metals

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What is Mercaptan? for many oxygenated organic compounds, there are analogous derivatives in which sulfur replaces the oxygen atom. The derivatives are called “thiocompounds” (e.g., thioalcohols, thioethers, and thioaldehydes). Thiocompounds corresponding to the alcohols (e.g., methanethiol) also are called “mercaptans” because they easily form mercury salts and have been used to treat mercury poisoning. Mercaptans tend to have strong, repugnant odors resembling skunk spray, rotten egg, or rotten cabbage. […]


what are the energy forms

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What is Energy? what does this term mean? because We hear about energy everywhere. why we hear about it everyday? and how important it is? We pay bills for energy every month, Athletes eat high-energy foods, and put as much energy as they can into the swing or the kick or the sprint. we hear this word many […]

desalter used in wet crude treatment

Wet Crude Oil Treatment Plant

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what is Wet Crude? in the beginning of the production from any reservoir the crude oil contains no water and salt; with time it begins to produce large amounts of water and salt, although the density difference guarantee that water stays bellow crude oil in the reservoir, but sometimes water content will with time. wet crude […]

Solid bed gas dehydration

Gas Dehydration by Solid Beds method

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 DEHYDRATION BY SOLID BEDS GENERAL This plant employs the same adsorbent materials used in the short cycle solid bed plant. The only difference between the two plants is the operating time. As a matter of fact, using the sova-bead as an adsorbent for a short time, we find that it adsorbs mainly hydrocarbons vapors (STRIPPING) on the contrary with […]

wet crude treatment

Optimizing Wet Crude Treatment

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Emulsion Treatment Steps In general, the treatment of water emulsions in crude oil consists of 3 stages: emulsion breaking: includes breaking the film that surrounds the water droplet, by the aid of heat and demulsifier. water droplet coalescence: water droplets combine with each other after breaking the emulsion and being free forming big droplets, coalescence […]

erosion corrosion

what does Erosion-Corrosion mean

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Erosion-Corrosion Likelihood –  API RP14-E is not valid in presence of solid particles (sand) –  It is not valid in vertical flow (even if it is used as well) –  It is not valid for gas systems (where no definite velocity limits are identified). – Alternative models have been proposed (as SalamaModel)/ or typical critical […]


foam in oil gas separators

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foam in crude oil foam is a small bubbles of gas surrounded with a thin film of oil, this phenomena reduces the separation efficiency, foam exists in the gas oil interface when separator pressure decreases, or because of the surface tension, viscosity, and some impurities, because of that, small droplets are generated, these droplets are […]