what is Centrifugal Compressor

Figure 1 shows the basic components of a centrifugal compressor. Impellers are mounted on a horizontal shaft. They are the primary rotating elements that impart velocity to the gas. Impellers are also called wheels. Diffusers are stationary elements mounted in the compressor casing. There is one diffuser downstream of each impeller. The diffuser converts velocity to […]

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Surge Control in Centrifugal Compressors

    what is surge? Dresser-Rand has been a leading designer and supplier of surge control systems for centrifugal and axial compressors for over thirty-five years. Recent innovations in control technology have made it possible to supply surge control systems which are capable of coping with rapid flow fluctuations and process gas variations. Current surge control systems from Dresser-Rand Control Systems […]

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Compressors Gas Turbine videos

the biggest collection of FREE videos about compressors and gas turbines, to download any video, click on “Download” beside or below any one of them. please share this page on social media pages, or send it to your friends, we have collected these videos from different sites, and put it in this page. if there […]

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