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Three-Phase Oil–Water–Gas Separators


3-Phase Oil-Gas-Water Separators in general, to the separation of any gas–liquid system such as gas–oil, gas–water, and gas–condensate systems. In almost all production operations, however, the produced fluid stream consists of three phases: oil, water, and gas. Generally, water produced with the oil exists partly as free water and partly as water-in-oil emulsion. in both cases it should be …

Gas–Oil Separators part. 2


  Inlet Diverters Inlet diverters are used to cause the initial bulk separation of liquid and gas. The most common type is the baffle plate diverter, which could be in the shape of a flat plate, a spherical dish, or a cone. Another type, is the centrifugal diverter; it is more efficient but more expensive. The diverter provides …

Gas–Oil Separators part. 1

التصميم الداخلي لعازلة أفقية

Commercial Types of Gas–Oil Separator Based on the configuration, the most common types of separator are horizontal, vertical, and spherical, Large horizontal gas–oil separators are used almost exclusively in processing well fluids in the Middle East, where the gas–oil ratio of the producing fields is high. Multistage GOSPs normally consists of three or more separators. The following is a …