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    Chemicals Used in Crude Oil Production

    Petroleum “A complex combination of hydrocarbons. It consists predominantly of aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons. It may also contain small amounts of nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur compounds. This article encompasses light, medium, and heavy petroleums, as well as the oils extracted from tar sands. Hydrocarbonaceous materials requiring major chemical changes for their recovery or conversion to petroleum refinery feedstocks such as crude shale oils, upgraded shale oils and liquid coal fuels are not included in this definition.” Various types of chemicals (which themselves can be mixtures or formulations of various chemicals) are required to aid the production, handling and transportation of crude oil. The chemicals used fall into several types as outlined below. For most, only…

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    Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibitors

    Corrosion Corrosion is defined as the destructive attack of a metal by the environment, by chemical or by electrochemical processes (as contrasted with mechanical means such as the erosion of a metal structure by sand in the desert). Corrosion includes conjoint mechanical and chemical action to produce early failure of a load-carrying metal structure, eg. stress-corrosion cracking. see our How Corrosion Happens in Oil and Gas Industry Manifestations of Corrosion Most of the observed corrosion occurs as one or more of the following five cases: (1) uniform attack, the most common manifestation, in which the entire metal surface is covered with the corrosion product, eg, the rusting of iron in…

  • Corrosion Cathodic Protection Books

    Introduction to Cathodic Protection Download Cathodic Protection 12.4 MB Download Cathodic Protection 578 KB Download Cathodic Protection Manual Download Cathodic Protection Systems for Underground Pipelines Download Impressed Current Cathodic Protection from NACE Download Beginners Guide to Corrosion download Pipeline corrosion & Cathodic Protection Download Cathodic Protection Maintenance Download Study of Welding and Cathodic Protection of Gas Pipeline download Cathodic Protection Drawings  33.4 MB Download Corrosion in Petrochemical Industry Full Download   Cathodic Protection Arabic Download Cathodic Protection Final Download Cathodic Protection – Design & Monitoring download Cathodic Protection Overview Download Corrosion Engineering download the Effects and Economic Impacts of Corrosion Download Link Corrosion in Oil Industry Download Link Corrosion –…