LNG plant

LNG Liquefaction and Purification Processes

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Introduction to LNG Processes  The refrigeration and liquefaction sections of any LNG project are very costly items of equipment. A number of cycles have been developed to achieve the low temperatures required. Brief descriptions of a small number of process [..More]

natural gas

Natural Gas Well Production Problems

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    Eng. AlSayed Amer The ongoing process of producing hydrocarbons from a well is a dynamic process and this is often evidenced in terms of changes in the rock or fluid production characteristics. Problems are frequently encountered as a [..More]

LNG ship

Converting Natural Gas to LNG

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LNG Natural gas, which is comprised primarily of methane, is one of our most abundant natural resources, both domestic and abroad. Unfortunately, many of the natural gas reservoirs are located in relatively remote areas, or offshore, and high transportation costs tend to [..More]

natural gas storage

Natural Gas Processing

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Necessary Conditions and Goals of Processing : The types of treatments carried out on gas streams usually are: separation; – heating; – inhibition. – dehydration; – liquid hydrocarbon recovery; – sweetening. Treatment needs and objectives: The first gas treatments are [..More]

natural gas

Components of Natural Gas other than Methane

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      Natural gas is a mixture of methane, with lower amounts of other hydrocarbons and other substances. These other constituents modify the physical and chemical characteristics of natural gas, for example, inert gases make the natural gas heating value lower. The [..More]


Natural Gas Dehydration Part.1

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Definition of Natural Gas Dehydration  the removal of water from natural gas by lowering the dew point temperature of the natural gas    Objective: To prepare natural gas for sale, its undesirable components (water, H2S and CO2) must be removed. [..More]

natural gas

Natural Gas Industry

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Natural Gas Terminology: Reservoir: Porous & permeable underground formation containing an individual bank of H.C.s confined by impermeable rock or water barriers characterized by a single natural pressure system. read also What is Natural Gas Field: Area of one or more [..More]

gas market

Natural Gas to Liquids GTL

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GTL: GTL means Gas to Liquids. A whole range of fuels can be produced from Natural gas by partial oxidation to synthesis gas (a mixture of H2 and CO) and subsequent conversion of this gas • 1993 – Shell pioneered [..More]

gas treatment

Gas Treating

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Introduction to Gas Treating When talking of gas treating, it is most often implied that natural gas is the focus. The natural gas industry is one of the World’s largest. However, there is also treatment of gas in the synthesis [..More]


Natural Gas Hydrates

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what are Hydrates Introduction to Hydrate Natural gas hydrates are ice-like materials formed under low temperature and high pressure conditions. Natural gas hydrates consist of water molecules interconnected through hydrogen bonds which create an open structural lattice that has the [..More]